Welcome to Nue Blu 

Nue Blu Tea Dances combine the love of Nuevo Tango and Modern Blues all in one event.

Whether your blues is expressive, intimate, brand new, or you are a seasoned mover, this will work for you.

Add to that the stylish moves of those practicing their tango, but to modern music; Music that will warm your soul, and work for both styles of dance and even a fusion of both.

As Tango is a walking dance and Blues generally a circular one the logistics of the room are simple.

Tango dancing will occur on the outside and blues dancers will occupy the middle of the dancefloor, hopefully all being beautifully aware and in harmony with others on the dance floor.


Refreshments available throughout all included in the entry price.


£9 on the Door or £7 if you have clicked 'going' on this event on Facebook by midnight the night before.

Note : The music played at these events is not Traditional Tango music (or GA music), but music chosen from many genres which is suitable for Nuevo Tango and Modern Blues.






 About Nue Blu 


This venture is run by two seasoned (old) organisers,

John Dunlop of Rhapsody and Hev Mate of Rock Bottoms and Devon Velvet.

They know how a room should work, have years of experience and absolutely live for dancing.


Tea Dances will be held usually once a month (hopefully on the first Sunday of the month),

from 2:30pm - 6:30pm at The Village Hall, Ryesland Way, Creech St Michael, Taunton. TA3 5QQ.










  Nue Blu 2021 Events 





Unfortunately, owing to the Covid prevalence and Government restrictions, no events have been scheduled for 2021 yet.



















Unfortunately, due to the Government restrictions and the prevalence of Covid-19, it seems unlikely that partner dancing will resume in the near future.
No events have been planned for 2021 yet.
Hopefully we can resume normal service as soon as it is safe to do so.

Please watch this space for announcements.

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